Thursday, February 26, 2009


I did not make my bed this morning.
Oh my stars, what happened to my tidy child's room?!
I still haven't put away the laundry (I folded it yesterday, or was it the day before...)

I have been letting Alex play way too much Wii and then I blame it on the crappy weather, not crappy mothering.
Oliver's diaper is stinky and I haven't changed it yet.
My sink is also full of dishes, but you've seen that before.

So what am I going to do about it? Well, I'm going to pick myself up off this chair and change Oliver's diaper for starters. Then I'm going to put on Pandora Radio (set to Pat Benatar) and I'm going to start with the dishes. After cleaning, I'm going to get Alex off the Wii and we're going to build something with the K'nex.

Then I'm going to FORCE myself to run until I feel like running.

"We are strong . . ." Excuse me while I jam with Pat.


  1. I hear ya loud and clear Sista! I'm right there with you. Hopefully the sun will warm the blues away and give us some motivation! I love Pandora.

  2. Nice blog that u have... I love ur house... nice one....

  3. It's been one of those days for me too...make that weeks...