Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentines Day Game ON

Gabby opted for the more meaningful Valentine card this year, which means we went to the craft store and purchased everything to make 24 cards. The girls in Gabby's class are getting Butterflies inscribed with you make my heart flutter, while the boys are getting Mice inscribed with you are a mouseterful friend--I don't know if the boys will get the play on words, but it was the best I could come up with. We actually finished all the cards a week ahead, which is huge for me. I'm usually the type of person that would put it off until 9 PM the night before. Hooray for new beginnings!

In addition to the cards, Gabby is supposed to bring in a box to hold all of her valentines. So we made this (finishing it two days ago--I know, I impress myself):

If you'd like instructions, or "Destructions" as Gabby would say, you can find them here."

As for the rest of the family, we're keeping things pretty simple. I've been waking up with Noah every morning this week (a whole 20 minutes before I usually get up) to make him a smoothie for breakfast. His present for me? A new

Unfortunately, it probably won't arrive in time for Valentines day, and it might not even be that house.


  1. I love that house, very cute!! Henry and I made owls for cousins for Valentine's Day, we just finished them this morning and are sending them out today. Those things are always way more work than I expect them to be.

    I am very impressed by your energy, and I think I have made Josh breakfast, before work, maybe twice since we've been married. Good wifey points to you!

  2. Cute new blog! The picture of your kiddos at the top is adorable. Thanks for calling back about "a car that does tricks that Alex has", it turned out to be the hot wheels. Good luck house hunting!