Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Next Year in Ireland!

Okay, maybe not Ireland, but Scotland very possibly. Next year, my parents will be in London and Noah and I are saving up so we can stop by for a visit, pinch me!

As for yesterday's green festivities, they didn't turn out quite as I had planned . . . the kids and I got stuck in the house on the most beautiful day of the year waiting for our new computer monitor to arrive--it arrived at 5:16PM, just as Noah was getting home from work. Some luck! At that point, I still hadn't gone grocery shopping so I didn't have our dinner ready (zucchini pasta and leprechaun punch) until after 7:00 PM. Alas we had no green balloons hanging from our ceiling--I forgot to buy them--and we didn't play water balloon volleyball because Noah is still sick, poor guy.

The day was not a total loss though thanks to my good friend Janell (Sean's mom) who took my kids to the park, saving them from complete boredom. So in friends, we are truly lucky!

And the leprechaun punch was a hit.


  1. What about Bruce being a bishop, does that put a damper on their semester abroad? And, if they go, can we visit too? Maybe at the same time you guys do? I need to get to Europe!

  2. Get this; they're letting him take a 6 month sabbatical (he'll communicate via phone and internet with the 1st and 2nd councilors). So, no it will not put a damper on their semester abroad or my vacation. So YES Carol, come along!

  3. Absolutely!!! Michael and I are going to do some major traveling.