Monday, April 6, 2009

Apartment Living isn't All Bad

Don't get me wrong, I'm am SO anxious for our Utah house to sell so we can get into a house and get rid of one payment, however I am discovering that because we're not all that fond of being in our apartment, we get out a lot more as a family.

Over the weekend, Gabby and Alex went on their first Easter Egg Hunt of the season. Gabby scored big time, while Alex on the other hand would get so excited about finding the egg that he'd forget to pick it up before someone else beat him to the punch.

Still, the pickings were good. Unfortunately, candy has this weird tendency of disappearing in our house . . .

After the egg hunt (and between conference sessions), we put Gabby into training for an upcoming school race. She's pretty fast.

Following the run, and to ensure the kids would sleep real well, we rollerbladed.
Then back to the house to watch the second session of conference (I think we made a family record for most conference ever watched on a Saturday). During the broadcast, the kids and I decorated (and ate) sugar cookies in the hopes of taking them around to friends. Yeah. We'll see if they make it.
These were the lucky few that made it to the decorating stage. Lucky for them I'm off sugar today.

So while I am done with living in an apartment, I've got to admit that I'm learning how to spend more quality time with my kids and husband and that is what really matters.


  1. Kaila, I've missed your blog. I haven't seen it for a while, and you've posted much. You guys do a lot of fun things, I'm a bit jealous, all we do is work on our basement which will be good one day. But looking at all your fun experiences make me want to move.

  2. Oh, such memories! The cookies are way better than Conference Bingo. You rock!

  3. I love your easter baskets! Way to be part Blair.

  4. That is funny I didn't notice the "Easter baskets" until Kako mentioned it. LOL. Classic.

    I'm glad you're making the best of of apartment living. Those cookies look de-lish,I think I want one!
    The offer still stands-you can come help me paint to try and fix your itch.

  5. If only we had $800 lying around to get me and the kids out there Gretch... we can't even afford easter baskets!