Friday, April 10, 2009

C-i-n-c-i-n-n-a-t-i, Cincinnati!

Today we went to a town I dreamt of seeing as a child all due to one song (and yes, I sang it the whole way there and yes, that is Keanu Reeves and Drew Barymore singing it in the 1986 version of Babes in Toyland--by the way the first part of the song is cut off of the video, it starts 0ut with "C-i-n-c-i-n-n-a-t-i Cincinnati The Best town in O-h-i-o, Ohio USA. . . you probably already knew that though):

Did it live up to my expectations? Friends, it surpassed them!

So what exactly did Cincinnati have to offer? Well, it had fountains:
It had rain, lightning, and thunder (we got to enjoy it during our walk around the city)And Jungle Jim's (a 4 acre food mecca with selections from over 71 countries). Noah got to stock up on foods he hadn't seen since he lived in Japan.

I got to get my beloved Hob Nobs (British section)
And we even found a spot dedicated to hot sauces.

Following our Jungle Jim's experience, we went to IKEA and purchased new chairs for our dining area (we will now be retiring the $5 camping chairs).

Yes, it was a Good GOOD Friday.


  1. Oh Babes in Toyland...I still have the movie on VHS, recorded off of tv with commercials and everything!

    I love checking your blog-you always do fun things with your fam. I love the egg decorating idea-I'm up for anything that can keep as a decoration for another year!

  2. I will need to borrow that video Wendy.

  3. Those Hobnobs are ADDICTING FOR SURE!! I adore them! YUM!