Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day Fantastique

Today was pretty much the best day ever and not because I got to stay in bed all day. In fact, we were hardly home at all. The weather was beautiful and there were bikes to bought. That's right readers--Saturday brought new bikes for Gabby and Alex (his first one):

Alex: "I look pretty good I think"
Gabby actually got a new bike last year from my dad, but it's still a little big and she has a hard time working the hand breaks so we're saving it for next year when [hopefully] she'll be big enough to ride it. And since $45 can buy a disposable Walmart bike, we went for it. By the way, have bikes always been so cheap?
Another first for Alex: he got invited to his first birthday party from his little friend Sean. It was a Star Wars party so you know Alex was in little boy heaven. While Alex was partying, Noah and I took Gabby to fly this bad boy:

Yeah, perfect day, perfect setting:

Then we picked Alex up and basically took the party to the park for some more kite flying fun.

Oh and Oliver made amends with grass.


  1. yay! for absolutely fabulous days and double yay! for having your fabulous hubby back home again!

  2. I want a kite that flies! What kind of kite is that and where do you buy it at? Really I must know because I think its fun to fly kites. But every kite I fly doesn't really fly. I guess I can't buy the dollar store ones?

  3. COSTCO is the only place to buy kites in my oppinion.