Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Second Mom

I have been so fortunate in my life to be surrounded by phenomenal people. My step-mom, who by the way is not wicked at all, is most definitely one of them.

Truth be told, my life would be quite different if she had not entered my life. For one, I probably would not have a degree in music were it not for her "discovering" me. She was the one who told me I could sing--and when Irene Peery-Fox (world renowned piano teacher) tells you that you have a musical talent, you believe her. Go on, google her.

Lessons from my Step-mom

Build up your husband: My dad hit the wife jackpot. Watching how my step-mom serves him lovingly and continually compliments him has been truly exemplary to me to me in my own marriage.

Play with your kids: I am continually amazed at the energy my step-mom seems to have even after working a long day (and I know diet coke doesn’t work that well). When we visit, she cooks dinner, reads books, stacks blocks, puts puzzles together, plays with toys—I get exhausted just watching (which is pretty much all I do when we’re there). I know she must be completely spent but she never lets it show. She is an interactive mother and her kids (and grand kids) know they mean the world to her.

Be thoughtful: I am sure that hours upon hours are spent in search of the thoughtful gifts she gives her loved ones. I am frequently surprised at how a comment I make will lead to a gift months later. My own kids tend to prefer her presents over mine (which is fine by the way) and I am learning how to be more thoughtful myself.

Work hard: I think it pretty much goes without saying that to be where my step-mom is professionally (again, just google her), it has taken a great deal of effort and time as well as dedication. When I see what she has been able to accomplish, I know that I am capable of doing great things as well so long as I work hard at them.

Thank you for being apart of my life and being such a great example to me in so many ways. I love you. Happy birthday (I meant to get this done by the 11th, but wanted to make sure I got it right so here it is, a few days late).

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