Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Oliver has two loves. His first love is engorged breasts, naturally. His second love is biting.
Oliver likes to tell me he's finished nursing with a firm bite to the nipple (thus combining his two loves). I would prefer something a little more subtle, but it gets his point across.

Recently, Oliver has expanded his biting preferences to include legs, toes, arms, cheeks, noses or basically whatever is within range of his pearly whites. He loves surprising me with a razor sharp bite while I'm doing the dishes--his part in keeping me moving fast I suppose (maybe Noah puts him up to it...)

I was under the impression that Oliver was only drawn to biting me, but after a visit from Adrea, where she let the boy innocently climb up on her leg only to be bitten [hard] moments later, I learned that his love of chomping down extends to all women.

Consider yourself warned Mom.


  1. Yikes! Kids can really bite hard too! Luckily I stopped nursing Jordan before he had the chance to really start biting me. He only had a brief period where he bit... but it didn't last long.

    Good luck!

  2. oh no! That's horrid!

    one more reason to be happy Scarlett hasn't broken any teeth yet :P