Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Visit, Part I: Mish

My mom and brother flew home today.

While they were here, I learned a few things. For one, I learned that teenage boys do two things better than everyone else: eat and sleep. In addition, they're also awfully fun to be around as my kids can attest to--they had a blast with their uncle Mish (pron. Meesh, which is short for Misha which is Russian for Mike which is the nickname of Michael, which is my brother's real name).

We went camping at Noah's uncle and aunt's property in Brown county

Went on the rope swing at a lake (I was waiting for someone to fall in, but miraculously no one did).
Then Noah made the mistake of telling Mish he'd give him a dollar if he found a box turtle, not fifteen minutes later we nearly ran over one. My brother rescued it from the roadside, held it on the trip back to our apartment (got peed on) and daringly swam it to safety in our frigid, snake infested lake water, placing it safely on an island just outside our apartment. Your welcome Mother Nature.
And yes, we made sure everyone washed their hands, apparently turtles in these here parts are covered in salmonella. For the record, no one got sick. Well, except me--but not from the turtle.


  1. I have not heard that about turtles... crazy. But we dont find them along the road here in the Pacific Northwest either:) Love reading your blog I just recently stubbled upon.

  2. Yeah, that's good to know about those turtles! Yuck! You are so good at keeping up your blog, I have to commend you for that!

  3. True story about turtles:

    When I was pregnant here in Indiana, my OBGYN told me to avoid contact with turtles. Who knew. They sure are cute though. I love your blog. Great pictures!!!!