Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sentenced to Court

Yesterday, after picking Gabby up from school I fell victim to a speed trap--here's the rub, I turned off of one road where the speed limit is 45 MPH onto a very similar road that abruptly changes to 30 MPH and got clocked in at 42 just after the sign change.
And so readers, on July 30th, you will be able to find me at the building pictured below disputing the claim. After all, it is one of my favorite buildings in Columbus, I just haven't had any desire to see the inside of it until now. Please note the ominous cloud cover in the picture.
While I was being ticketed, Gabby was panicking, thinking that the time when I took my own drink into the movie theatre finally caught up with us and we were going to get hauled off to this building:
Yes, that would be our beautiful county jail, just another one of Columbus's jokes on criminals--they think they're getting taken to a museum.


  1. You go and tell them what's up. Make sure to scope out the inside of that be-u-tiful building while you're at it. Seeing it truly made my heart skip a beat.

  2. How did you get that officer to pose for your photo?

  3. Ok, that was funny about the drink in movie theater. I am still laughing.

    And it is sort of odd how the jail is so pretty.

  4. lol about the drink in the movie theater thing! Hopefully you will not have to pay anything. I mean, you are still new to the area, it is an honest mistake!