Saturday, June 6, 2009

Alex's Party

In consideration of the Star Wars theme, nature gave Alex a Yoda ear (if you recall, Alex reacts badly to mosquito bites)

Party headquarters: Harrison Ridge Park Galaxy, Quadrant Pavilion:

To start things out, attendees were given side walk chalk to draw their own star ship with:

Water balloons were then administered with the goal to erase (with water) the other star ships while keeping yours intact (but you know, they're four years old, so out with rules and on with the throwing):

Onto rocket launching: Noah brought out his homemade paper rocket launcher (made with PVC pipe and a sprinkler head that shoots rockets out via an air compressor). Have I mentioned today how awesome Noah is? Wow, he's like SO awesome!

I made rockets for everyone to launch and chase after. After the party, they got to take theirs home.
Light Saber training with bubble wands (keep the balloon in the air, which turned into see who can pop the balloon the fastest):
The next challenge was to defeat the death star (a.k.a. hit the star pinata):

Award ceremony-- everyone was given a medal and their own certificate:

Self explanatory:
I shed a tear as five hours of meticulous R2D2 making gets devoured.

Onto presents (here's a good front shot of the yoda ear):

After most of the guests had left, Alex announced that he wanted to go home to use the bathroom. While Noah and I tried to figure out a solution that could keep us at the park talking with our friends, Alex announced that he could take care of things himself and proceeded to pull his shorts down to his ankles, and pee just next to the pavilion. Problem solved.

Note to Noah: work with your son on stream trajectory and maybe make mention of modesty. My thoughts exactly Oliver:

By the way, if you're wondering if I came up with all these ideas on my own, I didn't. I found the game ideas here (with the exception of rocket launching--that's all Noah) . For the R2D2 cake picture tutorial, go here.


  1. Amazing! Looks like tons of fun. That cake is really impressive!

  2. What a fan-fabulous birthday party!! You and Noah have got to be the "cool parents' after that party!! I love that nature treated Alex so well with the Yoda ear-how fitting. You should have taken all the credit for the ideas, we wouldn't have known. Was the five hours of cake making worth it? I am wondering if I'll put forth the effort for Charley's or I'll just buy it?

  3. I actually had fun making the cake, but currently I love any creative outlet so who knows if I'll do it again once we're in a house.

  4. Fourth of July is coming up. I challlenge you to a cake duel. Best cake wins something spectacular.

  5. You really want to go there Mom?

  6. Holy crap!! To Alex's mosquito bite.

    And how about we make this cake challenge between the three of us... :) Oh yes.

  7. Happy Birthday!! Your ear is awesome and your mom is crazy - FIVE HOURS FOR A BIRTHDAY CAKE!!! Insane sister. What'cha drinking in Indiana! Great party though - looked like such fun!

  8. Does the 5 hours include bake time? If so that's really not too bad. I have spent that on a normal frosting cake, but didn't turn out as cool as your R2D3 cake...So you really are a kitchen diva extraordinare. It was such a cute party and the kids LOVED it. Noah is the bomb for making that rocket launcher!!!