Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dear Alex

Four years ago, we officially met.

I was in school at the time working to finish my bachelor's degree. You were born in the week between spring and summer terms and I attended both, carrying you in a little front pack to my choir class when you were just a few days old.

You slept almost continuously for the first two weeks of your life. I was always checking on you to make sure you were okay and you were, just tired.

You've always been my little pal. You make me happy every single day.
I love that when I tell you you're a good boy, you pat me on the back and tell me I'm a good mom. You're such a compassionate boy, it comes so naturally to you and it's a real gift.
You have one rockin' imagination! You announce nearly every day which super hero you'll be (currently you love being Batman, Spiderman, Indiana Jones, or the "blue bomb guy" on Star Wars). You spray imaginary webs around the apartment to swing on, or carry a scarf that you call your whip, or jump around doing somersaults, or carry one of your star wars guns around, protecting your baby brother from bad guys (occasionally he is the bad guy).
You're an amazing brother to both Gabby and Oliver. The first thing you ask to do in the morning is to hug Oliver or wake Gabby up. You get sad when they are sad always want to help them feel better. I'm so proud of the boy you are and of who you're becoming.
As for what we did on your birthday this year, it was pretty much the best one ever. Grandpa "Choo Choo" and Grandma Rene are out visiting until Friday, which meant you got spoiled rotten (Gabby didn't fare too bad herself).
You got a day full of your favorite things: new [awesome] toys, pizza, Chuck E. Cheese's, a boat ride (which you got to drive), Cheetos, swimming in the pool, brownies, chocolate ice cream, and whip cream.
Happy birthday Alex, I Love you. I love you. I love you.


  1. I love you, also, Alex. What a wonderful and fun little grandson you are! We sure miss you. We're grateful that your Mom is such a good blogger

  2. Happy, happy birthday Big Boy! I'm so glad your day was full of your most favorite things-that's the way all birthdays should be spent.

    an 8lb 13oz baby, Kaila!?!? Holy crap, that would hurt sooo bad. It makes me very grateful for my little 6lb 12oz non-epidural baby. Congrats to you for being such a fabulous mom to Alex for four years. He's growing up into such a fantastic (and adorable) little man.

  3. Happy Birthday to both of you!! And way to go on that amazing cake, impressive!

  4. Did you actually choose to not have an epidural? Either way wow impressive!

  5. I did choose not to have an epidural and in all honesty, I preferred it. I like knowing when and if my body is being ripped apart plus when it was over, I didn't have to recover from drugs. I would have gone 'O natural with Ollie, but with the insomnia I had with him, I wanted to sleep through labor and have the midwife inform me when it was all over.

  6. No epidural-I'd take one now if my doctor would give it to me! You rock Kaila!

    Also, we'd better travel out to see you if you have fireflies because I won't actually believe they exist until I see them for myself!

    And really, Alex's swelling was from a mosquito bite!?! Poor kid! Is that what it was in Island Park? A bug bite!?! Do you just put him in a full body net for camping?

  7. I'll have to try the full body net next time we go out. Great idea Wendy.