Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lake Love

Today we discovered the anchored dock at our lake.
After being somewhat disgruntled that we weren't going to swim at the pool, Gabby actually let loose a little and realized that swimming in fish infested waters can be fun.
Alex likely swallowed over a gallon of said fishy water while sticking to his mantra of the bigger the [open mouth] smile, the better the jump. Real men swim in lakes.

I married a REAL man.
I'm happy to report that we did not get hit by a tornado last night


  1. Did Oliver take that picture of the 4 of your jumping off the dock! Yes real men so swim in lakes. Isn't that a fun beach!

  2. Oliver did not take the picture (he has lousy hand eye coordination). We had someone else take it. It is a super fun beach!