Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Some Things I've learned in the Last 9 years

  1. I scored in marriage department (no pun intended).
  2. I can be happy regardless of where I live or how much money we're bringing in.
  3. Lifferth genes + Fox genes = Really beautiful children
  4. Worthwhile things tend to require a whole lot of time, patience and effort.
  5. In my life, worthwhile things include, but are most certainly not limited to: having a good marriage, getting a college degree, raising three spectacular children, being a full-time mom, developing my talents, learning to live within my means, being healthy, traveling, and yes even going to church.
  6. "Good communication" does not mean point out the flaws of the other person, but rather find common ground and see where my own responsibility lies (i.e. the speeding ticket I got two weeks ago was not Noah's fault at all, and yelling at him because I didn't want to take the responsibility for it was lousy communication on my part).
  7. Being a mom is way harder than people let on.

What have you learned in the last 9 years?


  1. In the last nine years, I learned that there is a WHOLE new level of Love when one becomes an uncle...and it only grows with each successive niece or nephew.

    I also learned that California isn't that bad.

    And I learned that Ramen Noodles have SO much potential.

  2. So that would be since the age of 19? Hmm... I think the biggest for me is how much more capable I am than I once thought. That one can choose who/what kind of people they want in their lives, and this can make all the difference. I have a new profound respect for the simple moments in life, such as eating breakfast with my husband and son. It's the small things that can really end up being the big things. Oh, and I agree, being a mom is the most complex undertaking I have undertaken.

  3. I've learned that Kaila is such a cool person! I've too learned that happiness is a choice and if you want it you have to choose it each day. Money, home, family, friends, they aren't what make you happy. (Although I do admit that they enrich life!)