Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bartholomew County Fair

We've been hearing about the fair since we moved here in January. It's apparently a big deal. Have you ever seen a modified tractor-pull competition where the tractor peels out and does a wheelie? Well I can now say I have.

By the way, did you know that Oliver was named after a tractor? Neither did I.
Alex now wants to become a farmer just so he can have his very own modified tractor.
Onto the livestock exhibit, which Alex could have cared less about...
However, when I mentioned chickens, suddenly his demeanor changed, getting quite excited as he proclaimed, "I neber seen a chicken before!" Those chickens did not disappoint either. Alex remained ecstatic chicken after chicken (the pinnacle of course being when he got to pet one out of its cage).

Even Noah let loose a little and willingly paid $6 for the kids to go on a 2 minute horse ride. What the...
Gabby went on a Ferris wheel for the first time ever and was totally thrilled until I ruined the experience by getting in trouble--I rocked the chair and was told to stop (some how I failed to see the sign directly in front of me saying DANGER: DO NOT ROCK CHAIRS). Gabby was mortified. After getting off, I asked her if she had fun and she said, "NO, because YOU!"

I'm just inadvertently solidifying Gabby's perception that I NEVER follow the rules.

Luckily we didn't completely ruin her--she got to make her peace with police officers (they had a booth at the fair). She was so nervous about meeting them and pretty much had to be dragged there, but found them to be quite nice indeed. They even gave her a color changing pencil, a mini beach ball and some stickers. Phobia cured!


  1. All police officers should carry mini beach balls and stickers. After they give you your ticket, they should give these prizes to your chldren, so everybody knows that policemen are nice. "Why no, little girl, you're not in trouble. I know you keep the rules. Have a sticker. It's your mom I'm after."

  2. What is it about the mid-west and their fascination with state fairs? In Milwaukee they also loved the fair. I will say though, so did we. It is a fun experience. Did they have the pig racing? That was always our favorite. What about cream puffs? Did they have those? In Milwaukee they sold them, they were the size of a plate! Huge and very yummy! We went to the fair for our 5th anniversary while we were living in Wi I was 9 months pregnant and ate fair food the entire day...mmmm, it was tasty! Thanks for letting me reminiscence.

    Oh and I think that Oliver is SO VeRy CuTe and looks totally like your side of the family. I love that Alex still has "the tilt" Too funny! And Gabby is always break the rules! he he he

  3. Poor Gabby...having to be a big sister AND keep her mother in line.

    Looks like it was a lot of fun! You Alex's age, Grandpa Wes and his siblings were driving tractors like the one Alex is pictured in. Maybe you guys could get a Bobcat!