Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The End of the World

Last night, we experienced what the end of the world will look and sound like.

I have never in my life experienced such an intense storm. I heard it coming around 3:00 AM and Noah informed me that some really dark clouds [were] on their way. I lay in bed and waited, debating whether or not I should check online for tornado warnings. My sleepy self won over and I stayed in bed. At 3:45 AM, the storm was right on top of us. The lightning was touching down about 5-10 times a second, keeping the sky brighter than noon day continuously. And the thunder--wow--the thunder was deafening. By this point Noah and I were standing at our bedroom window filled wonder (and quite frankly, scared out of our minds). I saw what looked like an explosion by our apartment clubhouse and then the power went out.

I turned to bring Gabby and Alex in the master bedroom, only to find Gabby shaking with fear behind me. I gave her a hug and made her a bed next to mine. Then I went into Alex's room and lifted my sleeping boy (how he was sleeping through this was beyond me) out of his bed and placed him on the floor next to Gabby in my room. We didn't sleep. The storm grew more and more intense until it reached its climax and Noah announced that we were all going downstairs to sleep. The kids got the hallway (deemed as the safest place in the apartment) and Noah and I got the front room. We opened the blinds and watched for another two hours until the storm had past.

And that my friends is what the end of the world looks like. Sorry for those of you who missed it.


  1. Wow! The End of the World and I missed it?? Just my luck.

    The reason that Alex can sleep through things like the Storm at the End of the World, is because he is Noah's son. I'm not sure how he is now...but when Noah was younger, he would sleep through anything. And I mean ANYTHING.

  2. So cool!!! I remember thunderstorms in Indiana. My brother and I would watch from our bedroom window. But I don't think we ever saw anything like that. LUCKEEEEE!!!

  3. Awesome! Glad you survived the end of the world! Did you take pictures with your camera? I want to see if you did.