Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Oliver is a mischievous boy. This is what I catch him doing every time I leave him in the front room (I know, I know, "so don't leave him" right? If you're thinking that, you're NOT a parent because the truth is, if I stayed by his side every second, I would get even less done than I already do and I would probably lose my mind): What you're not seeing in the picture is Oliver shaking his head--because he knows he's not supposed to be climbing up on the table. Notice the fingerprints on the television--those aren't mine.
And of course he has to practice his balancing act by walking across the table--my heart leaps out of my chest every time I find him teetering on the edge.

Dear Santa,

please bring me a big house and a hutch for the TV.


  1. I think he's grinning the whole time, isn't he?
    Love that smile! And we're praying for a great Christmas for you.

  2. I love looking at your blogs! It makes me feel like I get to see you guys more and see what those great kiddos are up to. Did i tell you that Benjamin has glasses now to? we sure miss you guys! love ya, Brynn

  3. you're absolutely right about the grinning!