Friday, November 20, 2009


Gabby and Alex's rooms are nearly finished (pictures to come later). They're both are turning out just as I've envisioned for last 11 months. It's taken so much longer to get them painted than I anticipated though. The main reason for this is: Oliver is one rambunctious child. He's pictured here in his favorite hiding place--the cabinet (which he insists on emptying whenever I get a chance to fill it).

Weekend update: Noah fulfilled a 9 1/2 year long dream by cutting down three trees belonging to a tree-hugger (Adrea's trees).
Gabby even got to help.
That's if for now folks. Ollie's awake after a refreshing 10 minute nap. Back to disaster control...


  1. Noah is very good at taking down trees...especially when someone else cared about them.

  2. Josh would like to thank you for posting the uber-manly pose of him pulling the rope :)

  3. I look stupid in my picture too.

  4. Adrea: I had a hard time deciding between the picture I chose and the one where Josh was "scratchin" his nose.