Monday, November 30, 2009

Really Noah, You Shouldn't Have

Not to make you feel bad or anything, but my Thanksgiving holiday makes your Thanksgiving holiday look like a really long, boring business meeting. For example--did you see the Parthenon? Well, we did (and not the crappy ruined one either).

This is me with the Parthenon (below). But wait--it gets better!
Noah drove me to this really dumpy part of Nashville, Tennessee to show me something.

That's right readers--it's the Noah Liff Opera Center (always thrifty, Noah didn't want to fork out the extra money to finish spelling our last name, so he abbreviated with "Liff") For me??? Oh really Noah you shouldn't have!

So did your husband build you an opera house for Thanksgiving? I didn't think so.

I'll let you all know when I do my solo debut there but I'm afraid you'll have to pay your own way, we're a little short on funds right now after building an opera house and all...

P.S. Thanks to the Tennessee Lifferths who let us crash at their place and eat their food--we had so much fun! I wish I had pictures of Thanksgiving day with the cousins, but Noah didn't realize the camera was on manual so all those pictures look like they were taken in a cave.


  1. That is crazy! I thought it was some Photoshopping or something...but the Noah Liff Opera House is a real thing! Awesome!

  2. Love the Noah Liff opera house, so funny! How fun for y'all to spend some time w/the Tennessee Lifferths!

    Happy, happy birthday! I hope it was half as fabulous as you are!

    LOVE the bedrooms. They're just so darn fabulous! Throw in the gifts and they'll be even more perfect. I can't even wait to see the end results of the homemade gifts from/for the kids. I'm not nearly crafty enough to attempt anything that big.

    I'm very impressed with Noah's Wayne's coating shelf, by the way.

  3. I hereby challenge Bruce to MATCH THAT!!

  4. Wow, you're one spoiled girl. We'll come out to watch ya, and we'll pay our own way as long as you can give us a room to sleep in.

  5. That is awesome! I also thought Noah had photo-shopped it. I bet you guys had a grand old time with the Tennessee Lifferths-so great that you get to know them all better.

    When are you guys going to Utah?