Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas Part I: A Foxy Christmas

Christmas was completely hectic, but quite honestly I love feeling busy so I didn't mind. We pretty much divided our time between three families: Noah's family and my two families.

Dinner with my Dad+11: One of the many family dinners that contributed to me and Noah packing on 10 lbs.
Aside from being with family, one of the biggest highlights was our trip to Soldier's Hollow--the lazy man's tubing run. What makes Soldier's Hollow so great is that there's no work involved--no climbing back up the hill after you tube down it. Nope, instead you hook your tube on a tow rope and it pulls you up.
That's my kind of tubing.


  1. Definitely my kind of tubing too. Who doesn't love sliding down and then getting to ride back up?

  2. they were VERY nice snow pants. I'm sure whoever has them now is very happy.

  3. I'm glad you had a great christmas!
    p.s. I loved your christmas card :)