Monday, October 3, 2011

July, in Fast Forward

July is of course Gabby's month, but Alex made sure to steel the spotlight from her momentarily by losing his first tooth:
We got special visitors just in time for Gabby's ninth birthday. My dad (Grandpa "Choo Choo") and step mom (Grandma Rene) stopped in to celebrate with us. The kids had such a great time and missed them terribly after they left.
Now to the main event...Gabby's 9th birthday. This year, we pulled out all the stops. Gabby decided she wanted a Paris themed party after following the blog of her namesake's aunt on (you've probably heard of it).

I made a lemon tart in lieu of birthday cake and ordered French macarons from a local bakery.
We drank Parisian lemonade:
And I make the coolest birthday invitations ever--passports to Paris!
...complete with photo ID. We stamped the passport pages for every activity we did, starting with...
hat design:
followed by modeling:
We also had a baking class where all the girls helped make crepes, but since I was overseeing all that mayhem, I failed to take any pictures. For future reference, never, under any circumstances leave a giant bottle of Nutella unattended on a table full of girls with crepes. Furthermore, don't bother with making a cake (or in this case a lemon tart) when said girls are on such a sugar high from Nutella that thought of taking in more sugar is nauseating.
Party aftermath:
After Gabby's party, Alex realized that, although he got to go to Harry Potter land on his birthday, I never made him a cake or threw a party for him. So, I fixed the problem by letting him have a sleep over and making him a cake just about a month and a half after his actual birthday.
Favorite picture taken in July, completely unrelated to birthdays:

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  1. What a fabulously fun b-day party theme! Love it! Happy 9th, Miss Gabby!

    Congrats, congrats to Alex for his first tooth loss!