Monday, October 3, 2011

Why Hello October

October is my favorite month, simply because Halloween is my favorite holiday. And this year, I'm really getting into it, and it's only just begun.

To start out, over the weekend, we ventured into the middle of nowhere to find this creepy stone head (an entire town was named after this--look it up: Stone Head, Indiana). On our arrival, Noah's truck tire went flat. sPoOky.
statue etiquette: always mimic statue poses for photo ops.
When we were finally able to get the spare tire on the truck, we ventured into the woods for a spooky hike to a run down house. This is the only picture I got during our hike:
Our timing was a little off, so on our way back from the "house" (a tree had demolished what was left of it), it got dark. Thankfully, I had been a smart mother, investing in those glow bracelets and necklaces (it's a rare thing that I'm the prepared parent) so we didn't lose a single kid!

The terrain was super rough; we had to scale ravines with kids in tow, slide down (or fall down) steep slopes. And Gabby was absolutely petrified--of everything! First it was mountain lions, then after seeing the house collapsed with the fallen tree, Gabby became convinced that a tree would fall on her at any second and crush her, then it was the fear of lime disease (tick territory, you know), and at last when we reached the cars in complete darkness, Noah honked the horn using his remote and Gabby nearly fainted with worry, assuming the truck would plow through the forest and run her over (never mind the fact that no one was in the truck).
But we made it. With dirt on our bums, we lived to tell the tale!
In other news, I've decorated my house! I kind of went all out this year (something I've always wanted to do, but never have). I finally feel at home in my house: the trim is painted, the walls have color, and now the bats are up!
Happy Halloween month!


  1. JEALOUS! All I have are Kiddie Kandid shots of you kids in your costumes. I did put the cloth pumpkin on the table, though. Also, be sure to do pumpkin stew. I have the jello molds for a brain. Want it?


  2. I TOTALLY want the jello mold! Do you still have the heart?

  3. From one October to another, Happy Halloween Month to you too!

    ps-I'm tooootally doing the bats too. They're fabulous!