Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Artists in my Family

I am one happy mom today--even though I spent my morning cleaning up Oliver's poo, which miraculously found its way on two separate toilets, the kitchen tile, and his bedroom carpet (not to mention on his underwear and pants). But, all that is forgotten now because of a surprise package I received in the mail today:
Um...are you flipping out?! My wonderful [and obviously very talented] uncle Dell Blair made this breathtakingly beautiful painting of my daughter, Gabrielle. I asked him if he'd be willing to paint portraits of my kids a month or so ago after falling in love with his work at my grandparents house, and he accepted!
I wish you could see it in person, it really is incredible.

I've always wanted original artwork in my house, which accounts for one of the [many] reasons I married my husband, Noah--his dad, Wesley Lifferth, is an artist! We've dedicated our office to my father-in-law's art, which I absolutely love. This is what I see every time I sit at my desk (which, coincidentally is where I'm sitting right now):

this is one of my favorites:
This is a painting my father-in-law gave to my daughter, which she proudly hangs in her room:
now if you'll excuse me, I've got another painting to hang...


  1. That's beautiful Kaila! And Gabby seems thrilled with it as well! How nice to have talented artists in the family! All original artwork in our home is courtesy of our kids....which is good for something but not like the quality of work you are displaying. :)

  2. So hey, I just got caught up reading your blog for the past few months. Your kids are GORGEOUS. All three of them are just simply adorable. Your house is also gorgeous. I love all of the paint colors. And last but not least, you are pretty much super mom.

    Also, I think I read on facebook that you had Gabby on a gluten free diet. I would love to know more about that. What for and for long has she been on it? My son Isaac has autism and I had him totally gluten and casein free for 6 months, but I didn't see a lot of benefit at the time. I'm thinking of trying it again though and just wondered what your experience has been with Gabby.

  3. Wow...that is a very cool painting!

  4. वाह ... कि एक बहुत महान चित्र है!