Thursday, April 19, 2012


Hello again. It should come as no surprise to you now that from time to time, I step away from the blogosphere. Facebook has just become easier for me lately. However, I do love the idea of having updates on the old blog as a way to remember the little details of life with my children. So here's a quick snapshot.

Alex completed his first science project. He and Noah built a robot fish feeder, which is far beyond any science project I ever did! 
 Gabby's fear/ fascination of weather took a shift when we went and saw the TIV (Tornado Intercept Vehicle) at Noah's work. Gabby has since completed watching the entire first season of Storm Chasers, and has decided that some day she will be a piano-playing meteorologist.

 We made our third trek to the horse races in Keenland, Kentucky this year and this time the Nugents came along with us, which made the trip more fun for everyone.
Easter this year was spent with the Bjorks and Lucas'. If there's one thing we as a group know how to do, it's make food and party. 
In a side note, I was offered an Associate Instructor position at Indiana University which will cover 91 % of my [in-state] tuition with a stipend that will cover the cost of Oliver's Montessori preschool. It's amazing to me how things are just falling into place. We took a gamble a few years ago when we moved to Indiana, before I had even applied to IU. And here we are. We're where we are meant to be.

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