Sunday, February 1, 2009

4 Snow Days Equals 1 Happy Girl

This is the first chance I've had to blog since, well Tuesday I guess. The reason is because I've had three kids at home and they made sure we stayed busy. Why three kids at home you ask? Well apparently in Indiana they've never seen this much snow (a whole foot) and as a result, school has been cancelled since Tuesday, making Gabby One Happy Girl . . .
And Oliver one happy boy because he gets held way more with Gabby around. . .

Alex on the other hand wishes all the snow would just melt. Not that he doesn't love having Gabby home, he just hates being cold and Hates walking in the snow, even if he's walking to a hill to sled on. He'd much rather stay inside where it's warm and watch all the fun. In fact, when given the option of playing outside or taking a nap, he opted for the nap.
How did we stay busy for 4 snowy days? Well, Gabby and I played a lot of Uno. We made origami butterflies, played with friends, took naps, and I finished my sewing project: my second "flirty apron" (the first one was for my sister) Here's to cute cooking. My mom is totally rolling her eyes.

The apron made me feel super domestic so I thought why not make bread? Gabby helped me and I let her do my favorite part--punch the dough. I think she may have liked it as much as I do cause it was hard to get her to stop. P.S. the bread came out just fine thank you. And I looked cute.
Then, because what's a domestic Goddess withough a plate of treats, Gabby and I made brownies and they were--pardon my boasting--the best brownies I think I've ever had. If you'd like the recipe, you can go to my recipe blog here (by the way, if you haven't noticed yet, there's also a link to it on my sidebar).

Thank you apron for making my cooking experiences so much cuter.


  1. Lookin Good Kaila! I made me an apron too and I Love it! Yours is darling, and so are you! You must still be running a lot because it shows!

  2. Hmmm...where to begin? I love the new blog. Those brownie look heavenly. The apron is adorable - you do look cute in it. Funny that Alex hates the snow. Crazy that school would be closed for four days over a wee bit of snow. Glad you are enjoying Indiana. You will be missed at the next family gathering. And, I too was thinking of hanging butterflies from Ashlyn's ceiling (but, I wasn't going to make them!)

  3. Hoosiers are WIMPS, but you are SUPERMOM!!!

  4. I love the apron you made me! Yours is super cute too. Kaila you rock, you are one of the greatest examples to me. Too bad I cook such weird food, or else it'd be fun sharing recipes! Blast. If you ever cook something that ends up looking like art and is colorful, you should share it, I'm going to become the food artist or something. ha, yes!