Saturday, February 21, 2009

Making an Offer

So we're now trying to decide between two houses:


We'll probably go with the second since it's more in our price range. We may even be putting in an offer Monday. We're mulling it over.


  1. I vote for the second house, since it looks like it will need a lot less time to clean. Who wants to vacuum 28 bedroom anyway?! We miss you guys but it is great to hear how well everything is going over there. Did you sell your house in Orem?

  2. It's under contract--we'll celebrate when it's actually sold.

  3. the second house looks like it's a lot darker than the other one. Is it always that dark in indiana? I like the lake/river/body of water in the first, but the second one looks more homey.. homey. while you're looking for a place, you could find us one too, but we can't move to indiana. We'd be the indiana jones'. Messed up.

  4. Hi Kaila! Leslie here-you're old roomie. Long time, eh? So your here in Indy, now? We're in Avon, Indiana, just west of Downtown. We've got a pass to the museum, so maybe we'll see you there sometime. Good luck on the new house!! Let me know if you guys need anything. I'm not exactly just down the street, but it's a lot closer that Utah! Take care!