Thursday, February 19, 2009

House Hunting: A Child's View

Noah and I have recently discovered the key to house hunting with children: hand them each a camera and let them go crazy taking pictures, while simultaneously NOT going crazy in the house itself.

Here is their picture journal:

The entrance to house #1: (loved the house, not the layout)
Window, lake and deck Master Tub (love) Exterior of House #2 (Noah's favorite) Half bath (look past pink walls to see potential)
Mirror/ closet in Master bath (you can watch yourself bathe, hmmm) Stairs!

By the time we reached house #3, it was dark so the outside pictures unfortunately did not turn out. You can however still feast your eyes on these:
Bathroom of house #3
Wet bar, oh and John (he's our agent)
And last but not least (it being my personal favorite), house #4:

Closet Fish. Window of Gabby's future bedroom?

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