Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day Part III

Noah made our daughter's Valentine dreams come true this morning by taking her out to breakfast (just the two of them). She even got a pink shake.

Then the two of them went to the store to buy me a meaningful gift:

Nothing says I love you quite like a plunger. Okay, but in Noah's defence, last night (it being Friday the 13th and all) someone did a ghastly thing in our toilet (I wont name any names) and as a result, we had a bit of a flood. I woke up in the middle of the night needing to relieve my bladder and was informed that I should under NO circumstance flush the toilet. Well, in a 3 AM stupor, I flushed the toilet anyway. Sure enough, the bathroom flooded. Noah came to my rescue and helped with the clean up.

Then as if a plunger weren't enough, he made my Valentine dreams come true too by taking me to an antique store and getting me this swell piece of jewelry. Side note: I've recently become an "Antique Roadshow" junkie, I'm hooked even though we don't have TV so I can never watch it. Anyway, the piece I got is probably worth thousands even though we paid mere pittance for it. And I absolutely love it.

Following antiquing, we all headed to Not Just Popcorn (as seen on Food Network), where they make over 240 flavors of popcorn--I know, could Indiana get any better?? We went on a tour where we got to see them make cheddar and mocha flavored popcorn. Gabby and Alex could hardly contain their excitement when they were invited to have samples. I just wish I had brought my camera, sadly I have no pictures of our popcorn experience. I guess we'll just have to do the tour all over again.

Now if you'll excuse me . . .
Happy Valentines Day.


  1. A plunger, pretty jewelry, popcorn, and a 3am surprise! Who could ask for anything more!

  2. I LOVE THE PENDANT!!! Gorgeous! And you purchased the perfect fabric to go along with it when you were in China. I still have it. Maybe we can share and both make blouses. Guess what my husband gave me for Valentine's Day? A picture (11x17) of Barack Obama. No kidding. It's terribly romantic, because it makes me remember all the times we snuggled while watching MSNBC's coverage of election returns.
    But where do I put it? The room needs to have a theme. I'm at a loss.
    We did have a wonderful Valentine's Day and remembered Grandpa Delbert Valentine Groberg as well. He would've been 103 years old.

  3. Wow...I haven't seen a tie on a doorknob in a long time. Go Noah!