Friday, March 6, 2009

First Friday

First Fridays bring a lot of excitement here in Columbus, Indiana. On every first Friday of the month at high noon, the tornado siren goes off just to remind all of us residents that we live in a city where winds can form cyclones and destroy everything in its path. I love that reminder--it'll be so much more exciting though when it's not a reminder but an actual warning. Can't wait for that one.

But in addition, first Fridays also mean that the local children's museum is free from 4-6 PM, and you know my motto, nothing beats free! So off to Kids Commons we went (known in our home as "the toilet place" because it is there and only there that I allow my kids to climb in the toilet and slide down).

It was at the Kids Commons that I discovered that Alex finds more joy in jumping rope than I do in a piece of chocolate cheesecake.
pink tongue courtesy of Pez
Our other favorite attraction would have to be "bubbleology"

Have you ever stood IN a bubble? We have.

Money well unspent if you ask me.


  1. You're right! Maybe that's we all liked the bubble exhibit, it reminded us of our former home in Utah Valley.

  2. Looks like a ton of fun! And Free!!!

  3. this looks like great fun, my kids would love too actually!

  4. Gotta love the tornado sirens. Ours go off every Tuesday at 11:30am.

    I was kinda irked last month when they actually did go off b/c of a tornado for real...and I was out of town :P I've lived in this town for approx. six years (total) and the first time we actually NEED to go to the storm shelters and I miss it.

    Sorry, mini rant over. The children's museum looks super-fun. I'm jealous.

  5. That looks super fun! Please don't get caught in a tornado.

  6. Trust me, we're not planning on it.