Monday, March 9, 2009

Should Have Gotten the Flu Shot

Yep, they caught the flu. Noah was kind enough to share. It looks like so much fun, I can't wait to get it.

How three children manifest sickness differently, an observation:

Gabrielle (age 6 2/3) becomes overly dramatic and suddenly helpless, sending me on various missions for her (i.e. getting an immediate glass of chocolate milk, giving her every possible food option from the fridge only to find that all food is unsuitable for her sickened state, and warding off the boys who make her head hurt). She also has the "sick voice" down pat. Yesterday as I was heading off to church with the boys in tow, Gabby gave me a weakened smile and said truly pathetically, "Have fun Mommy" then she hid a secret grin giving away the fact that she was overjoyed that she didn't get to go to Church.

Alex (age 3 3/4) sucks it up with only a few indications that he's feeling under the weather (besides the obvious fever and lethargy). Today this included him entering my room at 10:30 AM requesting snuggle time which then led him to take a 2 1/2 hour nap. Then, following dinner Alex entered the dining room in tears upon hearing that there was a spiderweb on our table. Yup, my boy is sick.

Oliver (age 6 1/2 months) will not let me put him down--or act like I was even thinking of putting him down. He insists on being held constantly, which means that today was utterly unproductive.

Well, if you'll excuse me we're now on the 4th Star Wars and Gabby doesn't want me to miss it.


  1. Ugh, sounds horrible. Josh and I are sick over here, so far Henry hasn't caught it. He probably will as soon as I start feeling better. It seems like that is usually how it goes. I hope all of you are feeling well soon!

  2. Sorry they are all sick. I still have Strep Throat (going on four weeks and on my second dose of antibiotics.. should I send it your way?) I got a kick out of Gabby. Hope the Academy sees her performance!

  3. It's everywhere! Michael is back in school today, but I think one more day of rest would've done him good. I've been a bit tired for the past week, but am feeling better. Except that my right eyelid is terribly swollen. I think the flu focused on my eye.

    I wish I were nearer to you so I could help out--or at least watch _Star Wars_ with you.

  4. How sad! That's really funny about gabby and your observations.

  5. No fun! I'm so sorry. I love your explanations of how the kids cope. I hope you don't get it-when the Mom is sick nothing gets done.