Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Crafting out Boredom

I've been struggling with apartment boredom a bit lately and have been fighting it primarily with baking--not the greatest solution when you're still trying to win the postpartum bulge battle.

I've been telling myself once our Utah house sells, I'll have plenty to do, but with the economy like it is, who knows when that'll be. So I'm gona' get crafty. My only stipulations are: to stay on a rather tight budget (we are paying for two dwellings right now) and not to make things I'll just throw away--so no tole painting, sorry you avid tole painters out there.

Today, Gabby and I made flower headbands (see instruction here). The total cost to make three was $13 which included flowers, ribbon and three headbands.
Gabby LOVES them and is really excited to wear the pink one to school tomorrow.
My other idea for fighting apartment angst is to make or refurbish items for my eventual house. I'm currently scoping out used furniture stores in search of that perfectly shaped chair to recover. My hope is that when we do move into our next house, I'll have pretty things to fill the space. And it'll get my mind off the fact that our house hasn't sold in the mean time.


  1. So Cute! Want to send some my way.
    No really if you want you can make me one of those super cute aprons-I'll pay you. :-)

  2. I love the flower headbands! And it is actually really fun to refurbish furniture. Claudia did that all the time while she and Chris lived in their first little house in Orem. Then when they got a much bigger house (!), she had all this wonderful stuff set to go.

  3. Refinishing furniture is something I'd really like to get into as well. I'm just always afraid I'll get in over my head!