Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Teething: it Bites!

Has anyone ever tried to bite your nipple off? Well, it hurts. For the record, the nipple biting perpetrator is Oliver, NOT Noah for those of you with your minds in the gutter--you know who you are. . .
So here it is all laid out for you: Oliver and I are both experiencing troubles from two upper teeth that have yet to appear, but we fear them none-the-less.

Oliver's gums are swollen (as evidenced by the picture), he's been getting fevers on and off, his sleep (and mine) are a thing of the past, and . . . well I already told you about the biting.

So enough already top two teeth, SHOW YOURSELVES!


  1. I can't really believe that such an angelic-looking child could ever bite his mother. However, I do have some memories of being bitten by my own baby--who was mischievous, and often smiled just before chomping down. She once drew blood. Can you imagine that???
    Did you get the picture of the newest Madsen?

  2. He seems to be tackling this tooth thing better than his sister. She just seems to lose them.

  3. Yes! Nipple bites hurt. Harmony has started teething and she is grumpy which is so not like her. I hope the teeth show their selves soon. Although then the bites really hurt!

  4. Eek! I totally feel your pain. When Scarlett was still nursing, she was totally a biter. One time, she bit me hard, broke the skin, and caused a big ol' nipple infection. It really bit, no pun intended.