Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Awaiting My Blue Ribbon

Gabby had a science project due today on Chameleons and because my science projects as a child were always so embarrassing (the pinnacle being my report on "Gravity in water" where my only fact was that when you fill a cup up with water and hold it face down in water, you can lift the cup up with out any water falling out). In my mom's defence, I don't think I ever told her I had a science project due. Anyway, I decided to make up for the embarrassing nature of my own projects by pretty much single handedly doing Gabby's. My way of sticking it to the man.

And so, as I did with pretty much every assignment given to me when I was in school, I put it off until the night before. And yes, some how I was just as stressed about Gabby's science project as I would have been for a college term paper. This I admit was more fun--I mean we got pretty creative by making a tongue with a sticky hand, removable color cells with velcro, and googly eyes to demonstrate the independent nature of chameleons' eyes. The best part? No citation! I got to blatantly rip off entire paragraphs of books with out anyone lifting a finger.

What can I say--it's great living vicariously through your child!


  1. Way to go Kaila! Next time go for the baking soda and vinegar volcano!

  2. I always had the BEST science projects...all thanks to my Dad. You should have seen my egg holder that was dropped off the roof-AWESOME.

  3. Well my egg holder shattered miserably (yet another assignment I left my parents out of)--I put my egg in a small, flimsy plastic case filled with cotton balls. My egg shattered on impact.

  4. yay! for not having to cite a single thing.

    ahhh, those were the days.

  5. Wow, Congrats Kaila! I'm so proud of you, looks great! My mom did my little brothers homework when he was in highschool all the time. Whenever he would get his report card we would ask her what grade she got.