Monday, March 30, 2009

The Greatest Day of Alex's Life...So Far

The Indi ("Indianapolis" for those of you who aren't locals) children's museum got a Star Wars Clone Wars exhibit and on Saturday, we went through hell and high water to see it (45 minutes to find parking, and torrential rain--okay, maybe not torrential, but it was sprinkling).

Alex got to see a real Star Wars plane (just like the one he has at home Alex noted)

He saw a real Jedi outfit (worn by none other than Samuel L.)
And the Greatest thing of all--REAL LIGHT SABERS AND GUNS!!!
Alex had to shield his eyes from the pure awesomeness of Yoda. okay, in reality he was emotional because he was so tired from not getting enough sleep the night before--we spent the night at Adrea's house and let the kids stay up way too late.

And second only to the light saber display was the real hat worn by The Bomb guy (Alex's favorite character on the Star Wars Lego game). Alex was beyond words.

To be honest, I was a little disappointed by the exhibit (I think all the adults were after what it took to get us there). We waited in this long line with what we thought were teasers of the real exhibit--expecting to enter in some large room with artifact after artifact, but alas the "teasers" were all they had.


  1. I'm with you, I thought it would be a lot cooler. But at least Alex was happy. I say next sleepover we definitely need to put down the cocktails and get our children to bed at a reasonable hour :)

  2. What fun for our little Jedi! The picture of Alex with Gabby reminds me of a comment Grandpa Wes made. He thinks the little gal on the front of the April "Friend" resembles Gabby. I agree. Thanks for posting. Oliver Crawliver is cute, too.

  3. I have a brother at Perdue and his wife and my mom were just at this exhibit. I just think it's wierd because I was checking my mom's blog and she has totally similar pictures. Weird. Small world.