Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekend Update

We've had some tough nights, but at long last Oliver's top teeth finally decided to break through.
And Noah's two-week-long sickness turned out to be strep throat. We finally wised up and got him to a doctor yesterday so hopefully he wont have to be in the fetal position much longer.
This morning, Noah (now functioning at 40%) decided to stay home from church since strep is quite contagious. Upon hearing the news, Alex decided that he was also much too sick to go to church (for the record, he is not sick). I told Alex he still needed to go, even though I was dreading the thought of wrangling 3 kids in church without Noah. This is what he said in the most concerned, panicked voice:

"But I don't want to get my friends sick!"

So I let him stay home.


  1. Ahhh, what a thoughtful little guy...even if he was just faking it.

  2. Josh seems to come down with strep once a year. I never get it though, but it is rough if you don't get antibiotics - I hope Noah feels better soon.

    Yay for the teeth! Is he any less rashy? Have you become an Arbonne convert?

    I hope we'll see you guys this weekend!

  3. Aaah what a cute little guy! Glad he got those teeth!