Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Our New Plan to Get Rich

Sell Alex's paintings.

He's clearly a genius. Notice the attention to detail in his latest watercolor entitled "blue snakes." In this painting, Alex gives us a glimpse into his tormented inner self--as evidenced by the single green snake, signifying alienation perhaps?

Shall we start the bidding at one hundred thousand dollars? Do I hear one hundred thousand dollars?
I'm throwing in a picture of Alex working on the painting just so you readers know I'm not pulling a stunt here. Alex actually did this on his own, with out any cues from me or Noah.
Above, you see his work surface/ our family's dining area. Yes, those are camping chairs.

In an unrelated note, today we discovered a bird's nest in one of our bicycle helmets. I'll tell you what folks, I'm willing to throw the nest in the auction as a bonus to the highest bidder.

P.S. Have you seen My Kid Could Paint That? It's really good if you like documentaries like we do.


  1. WOW!! I am so happy that I still have some of your paintings. I will sell them back to you for $100.

  2. What a budding little artist, could it be good genes or what. Do you plan on making prints? Because I would like the one and only to place my bid.