Thursday, April 16, 2009

Apartment Drying

I have a beautiful, mint condition, front-loading gas dryer. Our apartment only has electric hookups. In other words, my dryer is useless.

I have been doing all of the drying at our laundromat, unfortunately I discovered on Tuesday (after hauling the wet laundry over) that it is closed for renovation.

So now our recently cleaned living quarters have exploded in dam(p) clothes: we have sheets drying on couches, clothes hanging on the treadmill. . .

Clothes strewn across a portable clothesline and weight equipment . . .

Draped on our useless dryer and hanging from every door, doorknob, hook, and shelf.

Here we are on Thursday (remember, it's been drying since Tuesday) and it's still wet.

My reason behind posting this is that some day I'm sure I will laugh about this, but at the moment I'm not too amused.


  1. I'm so sorry! That dang humidity!

  2. Oh man, all the rain hasn't helped, I'm sure. Maybe you could rent a dryer?

  3. Ok you are a NERD!!! Do you know that you have a friend who lives VERY close and has a very usable dryer you are welcome to at ANY TIME. Serious Kaila, do I need to walk over there and kick your bootie!

  4. Beware! I tried to hang stuff to dry in Indiana and ended up with mildew!

  5. So that's what that smell was...

  6. Back in the olden days, we didn't have dryers. Our dryer was called THE SUN. And I lived in Indiana. I have so many memories of my mother hanging clothes on the Hoosier Courts clotheslines. But the rain does make things difficult. The solution, of course, is to have your children quit getting dirty.

  7. And move into a place that allows us to dry our clothes OUTSIDE.