Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Quiz

1st Question

Yesterday our family took advantage of the weather and

a) Went sledding (we got 5 inches of SNOW--in April)!
b) It was too wet to go out and too cold to play ball, so we sat in the house, we did nothing at all
c) Went canoeing to take advantage of the BEAUTIFUL spring weather
d) Went tornado watching--if you've never seen a cow catapulted into the air, I highly recommend it.

If you guessed A. . . you're wrong

If you guessed B. . . you're also wrong

If you guessed C. . .

Then you're right (D was most definitely WRONG).

We borrowed Noah's aunt and uncle's canoe and went around their lake a few times (well, Noah, Gabby and Alex did--we only had one life jacket so I stayed behind with the non canoeing kids).

Next question:

In the picture above, Oliver is upset because:

a) I took away an unidentifiable object he was about to stick in his mouth

b) He got knocked down by Alex
c) He got spanked for the first time after sassing his dad
d) I set him down in the grass

If you guessed A, then you've had a baby or two yourself, however you're wrong.

If you guessed B, again you were SO close, but wrong again.

If you guessed C, maybe next year.

If you guessed D . . .

Then you're right.

Next question:

Gabby ended up going without a shirt because:

a) she does that on occasion
b) she fell into the lake when trying to get out of the canoe
c) Alex poured a bottle of pop on her
d) she decided she no longer likes pink and felt she needed to demonstrate her disapproval of the shirt I recently bought her

If you guessed A, you're wrong. Gabby is very concerned with being sufficiently covered

If you guessed B (she fell into the lake when trying to get out of the canoe) . . .

then you're right (all other answers were wrong)

Last Question:

(True or false) Alex and Noah were unable to make the canoe do a wheelie.

False. They WERE--with Noah on one end and Alex on the other, Alex's side of the boat was rarely in water.

So, how did you do?


  1. Kaila, you have such an amazing blog! And beautiful kids.

    In the photos and entries, I notice some influence from your familial past: a QUIZ! (reminisicent of our Christmas quizzes) and in other entries, some of your Easter activities, etc. (for instance, coloring Easter eggs). Memories of years past!

  2. I love your escapades! I thought you would've gone tornado watching. That's what I'd do.

  3. Hilarious! Love the quiz and the pictures!!!