Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 1

Breathe. . .

Noah is in New York for business this week (he left yesterday afternoon), making this day 1 without him.

Here's my check off list:
  1. get through a morning with next to no sleep, check.
  2. change 3 BLOW OUTS (Oliver is miraculously able to poo sideways), check.
  3. Cut Alex's mane (there was a boy under all that hair after all), check.
  4. Get a call from the school nurse, check.

Background: Gabby fell down and bumped her head (according to Gabby, she "didn't see the sidewalk there"--not exactly sure where she was expecting it to be. . .). I was told she didn't appear to have a concussion and after talking to Gabby, she decided to stay at school, tough little thing. The bump turned out to be pretty minor and now at least Gabby knows that sometimes those sidewalks can jump out at you.

I took the picture right before Gabby went to bed (during hyper hour), so she looks simply ecstatic about the bonk when in fact she was initially not too pleased.

5. Take a much needed 2 hour nap, check.

6. Take the kids to see Monsters Vs. Aliens (they loved it) and remember why we don't go to first run movies ($$$$), check.

7. Reward Gabby and Alex for getting enough points on their reward chart to each earn a toy (Gabby picked a lite bright and Alex picked a nerf gun), check.

8. Listen to two kids cry about how their toys didn't work (Alex doesn't quite have the strength to pop out the balls in his gun and the light bulb in Gabby's light bright doesn't work), check.

9. Make plans to use the gun as vegetable eating motivation ("if you eat your vegetables, you'll grow more muscles and be able to shoot your gun") and exchange lite bright for working model tomorrow, check.

10. Listen to Oliver scream as he gets used to sleeping in his crib and hope my neighbor is deaf, check.

11. Collapse from exhaustion, check.


  1. You are a brave soul; I wish I could help out somehow! By the way, I love your totally crack me up.

  2. 1. Bret's gone for 2 weeks and before he left I asked him for a blessing. BLESS ME WITH PATIENCE I begged! :)

    2.I'd totally be using that gun for veggie eating motivation. however, if he's anything like my girls they decide that they're over having the gun be able to shoot and just move on to something else, and allowing us to continue to the ongoing struggle over veggies (or basically anything other than cheese or chicken nuggets).
    3.Loved your witty writing in this post.
    4. Thanks for the nice words about my photos :)

  3. Sounds like day 2 will be spent on the couch recovering from day 1. Oh and at least it makes for some great posts. he he he...
    Good luck!

  4. Sounds like a crazy day! Hang in there!