Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 2: The Calm After the Storm

Compared to yesterday, today was, well Boring. I like boring.

It rained which was a relief all around, for we got to unveil a new purchase. . . the bubble umbrella (a month long fantasy of mine realised when I found it at Target--complete with pink trim). Gabby thinks I bought it for her. Shhhh, it's really mine.

You see, to me a bubble umbrella says, "Hey rain, here I am. I love you"

If you own a bubble umbrella, you HAVE to play in the puddles, otherwise it's just an umbrella. I put Gabby up to the task of breaking it in. She didn't mind, after all she does think it's hers.

If you don't own a bubble umbrella, I'm sad for you.

Then we ruined the fun by going to a restaurant. It was there that I remembered exactly why it is we don't eat out. I'm not sure exactly when it donned on me, it might have been when Alex and Gabby started punching the light above our table, or it might also have been when Alex started doing somersaults on the bench. Or was it when Oliver started crying or when the kids were runing around UNDER the table? I'm having a hard time pinpointing the exact moment of revelation. Anyway Texas Roadhouse was not sorry to see us leave.
Tomorrow we're having spaghetti. At Home.


  1. And you thought I didn't like to eat out because I'm cheap.

  2. I so, So, SO want to fly out there and hug those kids!! You take such beautiful pictures of them. I would hug you and Noah, too, of course.

  3. you brave brave soul going out to eat with out your other half....:)

    you could've come out to Iowa and had our gourmet dinner of leftover pizza and cheerios...yes I go all out when Bret is away :)

  4. I miss you guys so much!!!!!