Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 3: Enter Bionic Woman

Don't feel bad that I did way more than you today.

It began with a 30 minute jog around the neighborhood, followed by washing 4 loads of laundry (the dryers are up and running again--Hallelujah)! Then it was off to pick Gabby up from school (today was an early day, as every day should be). Then we met up with Adrea and Mr. Henry at Chuck E. Cheese's.
Alex scored big time by finding a friend with token-loaded-grandparents.

Upon returning home, I was reminded by Google that it was Earthday. So in celebration, I pulled up Fern Gully on Youtube. Noah, you'll be pleased to know that your son Alex wanted nothing to do with the movie.
Background: when Noah and I were dating (9 years ago), I made Noah watch Fern Gully on Earthday. We got Earthy drinks (I believe mine was "Rain" while Noah's was "Gravity") and we made an Earthday cake. I'm pretty sure it was then that Noah decided for certain that he was totally in love with me.
This year's Earthday cake:

Candle blowing. Yes, we sang "Happy Earthday to you"--it's good Karma.

The kids and I ate our cake outside to enjoy the Earthy surroundings and talk about the things we love about the Earth. Gabby loves grass, trees, flowers, rain . . . everything. Alex loves cake.
Earthy picture: And now for my next trick, I will pass out.


  1. Kaila! So good to see you here on the blogosphere. Now we can keep up with you and your cute family! Hurray!

  2. Oh and that comment was from me, Callie...not Brian. Although I know he's equally as happy! :)

  3. oh. my. heavens. You are truly fabulous and my biggest goal in life is to, one day, be half as cool as you.

  4. How fun! I'll have to remember that one next year. Devyn would have loved it because that is all that she talked about that day was Earth day. And it never crossed my mind to make a cake. But she would have loved it. Next year though, maybe next year.