Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's Happened

I've become my parents.

I now correct my children whenever lousy grammar escapes their lips--I'm on high alert in Indiana with it being so rampant out here.

Unfortunately, Alex has no intention of holding himself to a higher grammatical standard. When I correct him, he actually has the gall to reject my correction and REPEAT the very sentence (or sentence fragment) he said incorrectly. It goes something like this:

Alex: Mom, her was hitting me.
Kaila ("Mom"): You mean SHE was hitting you?
Alex: NO! HER was hitting me!

Even Noah has joined my plight--in fact it was he that told me to start correcting the kids in the first place.

Some things Indiana can keep to itself.


  1. Actually, my earliest memories of being corrected on my grammar come from my days of being a Hoosier. And it was a similar sentence. I said something like, "Her doesn't want to." Dad looked at me with a withering, appalled gaze. He expressed concern about my choice of friends, then said, "You mean SHE doesn't want to." However, Wednesday when I was with Dad at dialysis, he said, "Me and mom were going to..." and I gave he exactly the same look he had given me some fifty years ago. "I mean," he said sheepishly, "Mom and I..." The circle of life... (Music comes in now.)

  2. What about "might could", " I ain't," and "we was," these are all Utah originals that our kids are starting to use. Brett corrects Anna every time she says that she "ain't gonna" do something. I just laugh because she refuses to be bossed around or corrected. I ain't wasting my time, she'll figure it out!