Monday, May 4, 2009

Oliver the Medical Miracle

I just got back from taking Ollie to the doctor...

Last week, I paid $150 to be told something I already knew--I had strep (from all those kisses with Noah who had it a few weeks back remember?) I asked the doctor one question: should I be concerned about my baby getting it? "No" was the answer. "you don't see strep throat in babies younger than 18 months."

Thinking Oliver had bronchiolitis, I took him to a pediatrician. I knew he didn't have strep so that was the least of my worries.

Guess what everyone: Oliver has strep throat! And a really bad cough--could there be a worse combination? No wonder the boy didn't sleep last night. Good grief, he's in baby hell. When we were given the results, the nurse said she'd never seen positive results from someone so young.

Now that I know what poor Ollie has been enduring, I'm amazed at how pleasant he's been. What a champ.


In my sleepless stupor, I managed to give Oliver all of one dose of his medicine before spilling the remaining contents all over my desk. I panicked and did what any desperate mother would have done--I yelled for my other two kids to get away from the desk and ran for my rubber spatula. And now it's all back in the bottle, but I'm thinking I should probably just re-order the prescription. Who knows what else I scooped up into that bottle.


  1. Poor little guy! Hope he gets feeling better soon.

  2. That is awful!! You do have another parent in Indiana that come down - me!! Just call, seriously. What is up with everyone being sick this year? H. was throwing up so much last week we had to take him to ER (since it was 2am - of course). He is finally back to himself but it is just horrible when your kids are sick. Especially the babies. Henry is back up to speed, so call me if you need some re-enforcement this week. You can take a nap, I will put Ollie in a pack and play Wii with Alex and Henry. We'll make it work.

  3. Bless Ollie's precocious throat! And bless his mom.
    Laura was a beautiful bride. The groom is a real hottie. And there was a beautiful Hawaiian hula dance in their honor which brought back all sorts of memories.

  4. Ahh, I wish I could have been there. Thank goodness Laura married a hottie, we wouldn't want my grandma Fox to have homley grandchildren now would we.