Monday, July 6, 2009

Fireworks and Fireflies

We kicked off the Fourth of July festivities on the third of July at our good friends, the Nugent's, house. The kids caught fireflies while the grown ups just sat around and talked (Gabby's words, not mine).

Gabby is having a hard time deciding whether she likes fireflies or fireworks more. "That's a tough one" she said. The morning of the Fourth, I headed into town to the farmers market. I found a little parking lot with a produce stand and, assuming I had found what I was looking for, purchased some delicious looking goods. On my way home, I spotted what looked like a big Fourth of July festival (with canopies and vendors) and ran home to get the kids and husband. To my enormous satisfaction, it ended up being the farmer's market--open every Saturday! Hooray for farmers!

(It was raining slightly, and to avoid getting wet, Alex curled up in a ball and fell asleep.)

I am happy to report that Gabby in now officially a Hoosier, and even has a tat to prove it. The night of the forth brought a "million dollar rain" (words of a farmer) which meant that our community firework show was postponed to last night (the fifth). Sadly, I have no pictures because the batteries in my Nikon died. Here's what I would have captured:
  1. The jumping house (the kids jumped to their hearts content).
  2. Alex the bubble boy: Our clubhouse rented giant inflatable balls that the kids got to roll around inside and play "bumper bubbles" with. Alex was in boy heaven with that one.
  3. Watching the fireworks at our lake surrounded by our friends and some Asians.
  4. Oliver's fascination with a puppy that was soon turned into fear when he was licked on his face.
  5. Gabby off hunting fireflies during the firework show (fireflies, I'm happy to report beat out fireworks in the end).

Hope you had a fantastic holiday.


  1. All we did was hike to Cascade Springs. But I DID make a flag cake. How was yours?

  2. I made blueberry pie, not quite as patriotic as flag cake but close.

  3. Ok, I'm going to have to email you some pictures so you can update. I even got one of you, Noah, and your Asian buddies! It was a fun weekend, thanks for making it even better by celebrating with us!