Thursday, August 20, 2009

One Year Ago

Dear Oliver,

One year ago right now, I was in the hospital finishing my last few hours of my worst pregnancy and getting ready to welcome you to the world.

My midwife, Kathrine, had agreed to induce me a week before my actual due date because of my insomnia-induced exhaustion that had started during my second trimester with you when I stopped sleeping completely. I underwent every possible test to find the problem (EEGs, ECGs, overnight heart rate monitors, and countless blood tests with everything turning up normal). Doctors were convinced I was depressed and wouldn't believe me when I told them I was really happy, but that I was crying because I hadn't slept. I broke down every time someone innocently asked me how I was doing, or how my pregnancy was going.

After going two weeks without so much as a nap, I came across Dr. Taylor in Provo, Utah who put me on iodine drops and gave me a vitamin B shot. That night I was able to fall asleep. When the B shot wore off after about a week and a half, my sleep would get progressively worse and your dad would have to give me another shot. And that's how it was until August 20th.

You know what? I'd do it all over again for you.
You weighed 9 lbs and 5 oz. That's big.
You put up with a lot, and rarely complain. You're frequently poked and sometimes even pushed down but you're amazingly resilient and you get right back up.
You are strong. You took your first steps at 8 months!
You are curious. You get into EVERYTHING--the toilet, the cupboards, the stairs, your diaper, the computer, anything with wires, anything liquid. I love watching you explore because everything is new to you.

You love making people laugh. You've learned to do a raspberry every time we say "Daddy" and then we laugh and you think it's the funniest thing ever so you do it again and again. You smile at everyone and play peekaboo with whoever happens to sit behind us in church. And that makes us all like church more.

You are loved. Your biggest fans live right in your same house (and even share your bed, much to your daddy's chagrin).
Happy birthday Oliver!


  1. Happy Birthday, Happy little Oliver. We love you so much!
    We sure do appreciate all that you put up with, Kaila, to get him here. Thank you! We love you so much, too!

  2. Happy Birthday Oliver! You really are an amazing kid! I am glad you are my nephew. Love you man!!

  3. Happy Birthday sweet Oliver!

    Happy Birthing-day to you, too, Kaila!

  4. Happy Birthday Ollie Wallie!! We sure love you!

  5. I am so glad you're keeping a record of all these wonderful thoughts. This is pure poetry.
    So, are you going to have a party? One-year-olds don't know that they're having a birthday. But it's still fun for the siblings.
    I love you all.