Friday, August 14, 2009

1st Day of School

Today my [not so] little girl got on the bus by herself and rode to school as a second grader. Oliver and I waited with Gabby until her bus arrived while Alex (who I thought was sleeping) walked around our apartment aimlessly looking for us--don't worry parent police, we were right outside the front door.
New outfit for the occasion:
One last look. tear.
Cheers to a good year with a great economy and an even better housing market!


  1. She's the most beautiful second grader I've seen! Love the glasses!

  2. Did I sense some sarcasm in that last sentence?

    I can't BELIEVE that Gabby is starting second grade!! Oh and when the heck did she get glasses? SOOO cute!!

  3. she's had glasses since kindergarten, but she only wears them at school (thankfully she has my vision, NOT Noah's)

  4. Seriously? Glasses? I had no idea. But she is adorable!

  5. Yeah, I was wondering about the glasses too. They look so cute! Lucky girl!