Sunday, September 27, 2009

Apple Works

Yesterday was just another fantastic day--we're getting pretty sick of those around here. We went to Apple Works, which is a beautiful orchard about 40 minutes away from us.
Made me really want to plant my own orchard.
We had juice. . .
Carmel apples and apple dumplings. Oh my gosh, get over here right now and try the apple dumplings. Yumm.
Gabby and Alex couldn't get enough of the slide. . .
Or the rope swings.
I couldn't get enough of the photo ops.
Happy Fall everyone.


  1. SO fun!! I loved the mid west fall-so very beautiful and nothing is better than yummy apple-ness! Cute pictures!

  2. A) Your Kids are growing up too fast

    B) It looks like you are having a lot of fun

    C) I miss you guys

    D) All of the above

    I select D!

    Love you and love the pictures!

  3. So much fun! You make me want to go do something all fallish now!