Friday, September 25, 2009


Gabby has to do two drills in school that Neither Noah nor I had to do as a child. The first is a tornado drill, which involves going into the locker room and covering your head like so:

Then last week I was surprised to learn about another drill. Code Blue. Code blue is for when a "bad guy" enters the school and tries to harm the students or teachers (reminiscent of Columbine). During a code blue, the teachers lock the doors and the students hide.
"Isn't that kind of scary Gabby--were you scared?"

"No mom, it was FUN!"

Now I know a lot of people who say, in response to things like this, that Times are worse now than they've ever been but I disagree. I mean have you read the Old Testament? Now those are some tough times! Scary things and bad people have always existed, but look at what we have now in the information age--we have. . . well, information!

That said, I do think it's sad that schools have to prepare for something like Columbine now but I'm also glad that Gabby goes to school in a prison-like fortress. What bad guy is going to enter that school!


  1. Gabby is growing up! She had moments of real terror about imagined catastrophes. Now she's doing drills. Of course, it's not like the ones I did as a kid--where we hid under a desk to protect ourselves from the Russians dropping a bomb.

  2. It's true, times are pretty much just as bad, actually... a bit better than they have been. (violence wise anyhow) Gabe is reading "The Jungle" currently for a class and well... we have it VERY good now!

  3. I thought the same thing after reading that book.

  4. yeah, any "bad guy" would probably mistake the school as a prison and go the other direction.