Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Spiderman's Cavity

It was discovered last month that Spiderman had a little cavity on his right canine tooth.

Lucky for him, he has a superhuman ability to resist pain.

The cavity was small enough, we decided to see how it would go without a numbing shot or NOS. Spiderman sat in the chair ("yes he is going to wear that" I had to explain to Noah) watching Clone Wars while his tooth was drilled, twitching his foot occasionally when sensing discomfort. After we were all done, Spiderman got to pick out a prize at Target-a Batman motorcycle.


  1. What a strong super human! Alex's face on the top picture breaks my heart though. So why no pain meds? Just wondering.

    Hey have you finished Catching Fire?

  2. the cavity was so small the shot would have hurt worse. I actually asked Alex if it hurt and he said, "not at all mom!" In the picture he was just mad that I wanted him to give me a big toothy grin--instead I got a closed lip frown.

    Haven't read Catching Fire yet, but it's on my list.

  3. Ari couldn't be more proud of his number one fan :)