Friday, October 9, 2009

No Time to be Sick

A few hours ago, Gabby posed a question that made me cringe, "Mommy, whys is there so much water in the basement?" "I don't know Gabby, there shouldn't be any water down there."

The sump pump in our new home failed during a serious down pour. So, we bought a new pump which Sick Noah installed and we rented a Rug Doctor which Sick Noah used to soak up all the water in the basement carpet. Sick Noah is my hero.

And then because there was nothing sick Noah wanted to do more, he got to clean the carpets twice because a pipe connected to the new sump pump got loose and sprayed water all
over-- re soaking the carpets! Sick Noah was ecstatic and jubilantly declared words I haven't heard him say since his sailor days. Thank you Noah, I made you three loaves of pumpkin chocolate chip bread AND a loaf of wheat bread that will be hot just after you get home.


  1. YAY for being home owners again!!!! Noah you are pretty fan-tastic! Hope you all get feeling better!

  2. Oh that totally stinks. I can't believe you didn't call for help!!! You know you should have. I hope Sick Noah feels better soon and Sick Kaila too!!! It did totally rain A TON yesterday!

  3. I like it when Noah goes sailor, it makes me giggle. Your family pictures are terrific, you have beautiful babies Kaila! Congrats on the new home & I hope you feel better soon!